HLA-DR Haplotype Details


7-3-53 - Mold Susceptible
With regard to biotoxin susceptibility it is reported that this haplotype is statistically correlated with an increased susceptibility to biotoxins from mold1. Importantly, possessing this haplotype does not signify the presence of mold, mycotoxins or other related elements within the body nor is it an indication of past or present exposure. Rather it has been suggested that the immune system of those with this haplotype may be unable or less able to properly identify and eliminate toxins from mold2.

Disease Risk
    û Some versions of this haplotype may confer additional risk of Psoriasis3

Disease Protection
     Some versions of this haplotype are reported to be protective against Type 1 Diabetes4

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2.  The Genetics of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from Biotoxins, by Dr. David Ou -